Specific equipment and facilities are available within the VIM Unit, which also hosts an in vivo imaging system (IVIS) from the MIMA2 platform.

The IVIS (MIMA2 platform) is open to academic staff through collaborations or services, and to private companies through services, upon availability.

For all other equipment the use is restricted to Unit staff. Equipment/facilities may be shared occasionnally within a collaboration.

Please contact the person in charge (PIC) of the equipment/facilities before use.

Zebrafish phenotyping platform

Circular dichroism, SLS, DLS, FTIR...

Protein purification
FPLC (Akta-Purifier 100)

Quantitative PCR
Real time PCR (Realplex2 and Cfx Connect)

Microscope (AxioObserver Z1), in vivo imaging (IVIS)

Microbiological containment labs
BSL-2 and BSL-3 facilities

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