VIM : Work in progress 2018/2019

VIM : Work in progress 2018/2019

VIM : Work in progress is open to everyone, so come and join us !

Every Tuesday, 2pm-3pm, Room 800 or 217 (440 building).





September 4

Carole Drajac (Thesis, V2I)

Characterization and modulation of the innate immune response following RSV infection during the neonatal period.Repetition of thesis


September 18

Sabine Riffault (V2I)

& Delphyne Descamp (V2I)

Presentation of APIS-Gene and ANR EpiLungCells projetcs. Cancellation

September 25

Jérôme Chapuis (MAP2)

« Prion and Rab protein ……….a question of traffic ! … »

October 2

October 9

October 16

October 23

School vacation

October 30

School vacation

November 06

November 13


November 20

Marie Galloux (BMP)

The RSV nucleoprotein in all states

November 27

Jessica Morel (Thesis, FLU)

Hortense Decool (Thesis, BMP)

Presentation topics of newcomer theses

December 4

Pierre Lopez (Thesis, IIP)

Raphaël Jami (Thesis, VMP)

Presentation topics of newcomer theses

Pierre Lopez : Epidemiology and virulence factor of Tenacibaculum maritmum, agents responsible for tenacibaculosis of platax orbicularis

December 11

Jean Millet (VMP)

Repetition of the presentation of a scientific project before the department’s scientific council

December 18

Djabir Larkem (Thesis, MAP2)

Biological and structural study of the spontaneous prion and amyloid fibers generated from the same mutated form of the PrP protein

December 25

School vacation


January 1

School vacation

January 8

Isabelle Schwartz (V2I)

Engineering antigens with DC-targeting properties to improve vaccines for domestic animals.                                                                                                                       

January 15                               

Lynda Ait-Yahia (Thesis, FLU)                                               

January 22

Yueying Zhu (Thesis, IIP)           

January 29

Isabelle Schwartz (V2I)

& Luc Jouneau (IIP)                       

Transcriptome of innate response to vaccination foot-and-mouth disease (FMD)

February 5

Antonio Peixoto (guest)

Céline Cougoule (guest)

Guest of Christelle Langevin – Auditorium

Expertise and tools to explore host-pathogen interactions : a focus on organoids as a human model system                    

February 12

Bryan Findo (M2, FLU)

Marion Prost (M2,V2I)

Presentations of the subjects of Master's degree

Marion Prost : Immunodulation of neonatal susceptibility to respiratory syncytial virus by administration of lung primo-colonizing bacteria                                                                                                       

February 19

Cindy Bernelin-Cottet (Thesis, V2I)

Repetition of thesis

February 26

Molida Mao (M2, FLU)

Lorène Gonnin (M2, BMP)

Presentations of the subjects of Master's degree

March 5

School vacation

March 12

Doret Vanmuilkom (M2, IIP)

& Bernard Delmas (FLLU)

Presentation of the subject of Master's degree :Development of a CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing system in a cyprinids cell line

Presentation of article : A small-molecule fusion inhibitor of influenza virus orally active in mice

March 19

no VMP team

March 26

Cancellation because meetings « Paris-Saclay MICROBES day” and JFV

April 2


April 9

April 16


April 23

School vacation

April 30

School vacation

May 7


May 14


May 21

May 28

Anna-Lena Spetz

On the role of oligonucleotides to reduce viral infection and implications of ”viral protein coronas”

June 4

Marion Prost (M2,V2I)

Lorène Gonnin(M2, BMP)

Marion : Immunodulation of neonatal susceptibility to respiratory syncytial virus by administration of lung primo-colonizing bacteria.

Lorène : Functional and structural study of the interaction between the N nucleoprotein of respiratory syncytial virus and the cellular protein TAX1BP1.

June 11

June 18

June 25


Marie Galloux
Delphyne Descamps

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