Antivirals anti-SARS-CoV-2

Develop antivirals to block SARS-CoV-2 cellualr entrance

We have selected by "phage display" two types of proteic nanoligands, VHH or nanobodies as well as synthetic proteins called alphaReps specific to the domain of interaction with the spike receptor of SARS-CoV-2. Some of these nanoligands have nanomolar affinities for the spike, and are able to neutralize the virus in cell culture. The covalent association of two of them or their multimerization increase their neutralizing power as well as their affinity for the spike.

Some of these constructs are found to effectively neutralize alpha, beta, gamma, and delta variants. Work is underway to analyze their behavior in blocking infection by the Omicron variant in cell culture. The protective power of these nanoligands is evaluated in vivo and strategies are currently being implemented to increase their therapeutic potential. It is also likely that these nanoligands can be used to inhibit the replication of the virus in the nasal cavity and thus block the chains of transmission in humans.


The alphaRep protein tool to select by phage display alphaRep binding to diverse proteins

(Valerio-Lepiniec et al., 2015; Courtesy of P. Minard, I2BC, Paris-Saclay University)



The VHH/nanobody tool to select ligands specific to diverse proteins.

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