Seminars 2009/2010

Seminars 2009/2010

Seminars 2009/2010




1st July 2010
Lecture Hall
Special VIMsession

Sophie Halliez
Ilfad Blazevic (VIM-BMP)

Genetic ablation of Schwann cells in mice and study of perineural cells in the absence of Schwann cells
Study of the ribonucleoproteic complex in RSV

24 June

Lieke Van der Aa

CXCL8 chemokines in cyprinid fish: two lineages with distinct expression profiles during early phases of inflammation

17 June

Bertrand Dubois
(INSERM U404, Lyon)
Hosted by I.Schwartz

DC in skin immunity versus tolerance

10 June

Zhou Xu

Enantiospecific elimination of prion by Poly-D-Lysine: H2H3 under the spotlights

3 June
Lecture Hall
Institute Seminar

Frank Blecha
(Kansas Univ., USA)
Hosted by B. Charley

Antimicrobial peptides & antiviral cytokines: Host defense peptides to porcine arterivirus (PRRSV)

27 May

Florian Marquet

Phenotypic and functional characterisation of skin and lymphatic dendritic cells in the pig

20 May

Jean Lepault
(CNRS, Gif-sur-Yvette)

Entry of naked and enveloped viruses

6 May
Lecture Hall
Special VIM session

Jamila Elhmouzi (VIM-VIAM)
Khalid Salamat (VIM-MAP²)

Ruminant Natural Killer (NK) cells: First characterisation of ovine and bovine neonate NK cells
Prion propagation in cells expressing PrP glycosylation mutants

15 April

Anny Slama-Schwok

Influenza A nucleoprotein: a new target for antiviral molecules selected by drug design

8 April

Bertrand Bed'hom

Chicken domestication: genomic and phenotypic signature

1st April
Lecture Hall
Special VIM session

Marie-Lise Blondot
Olivier Leymarie (VIM-FLU)

Functional and structural study of RSV M2-1 transcription factor
PB1-F2 viral protein increases Influenza virus virulence in vivo

25 March

Valentin Verret
Hosted by I.Schwartz

Signature transcriptomique de la réponse inflammatoire aux biomatériaux dans le modèle pré-clinique ovin

18 March

XIIèmes Journées Francophones de Virologie

11 March

Suzana Ruscanu

Role of dendritic cells in Bluetongue virus infection

18 February

Behazine Combadière
(INSERM U945, Paris)
Hosted by N. Bertho

Factors modulating the immune response to vaccines

11 February

Stéphanie Prigent

Recombinant Prion protein and polymerisation

21 January

Claire Rogel-Gaillard
Hosted by I.Schwartz

Transcriptome analysis of porcine PBMCs after in vitro stimulation using an expression array targeting the pig immune response

15 January

Pierre Sibille
(Inra, Tours)

Avian Chemokines

14 January

Jenny Valladeau
(Centre L.Bérard, INSERM U590)
Hosted by N. Bertho

Expression of innate immunity receptors by human skin dendritic cells

17 December

Mohammed Moudjou

Endogenous proteolytic cleavage of disease-associated prion protein is strongly cell- and tissue-dependent

10 December

Vanessa Contreras

Role of CD26+ lymphatic dendritic cells

3 December
Lecture Hall
Special VIM session

Ali Al Bazzal
Bogdan Tarus (VIM-FLU)

Functional study of PB1-F2 protein in mitochondria
Part1: Conputational study of amyloid beta protein: The initial stages of aggregation
Part 2: NO production of a nanotriger in light-activated enzymatic NADPH sites

26 November

Agnès Petit-Camurdan

Modulation by different adjuvants of viral protection and immunopathological inflammation following newborn mice intranasal vaccination with recombinant RSV nucleoprotein rings

19 November

Henning Sorum
Hosted by E.Duchaud

Winter ulcer in Atlantic salmon, a collaboration between Moritella viscosa and Vibrio wodanis?

12 November

Mariam Raliou

Taste sensitivity to L-glutamate: Phenotype-Genotype Relationship

5 November
Lecture Hall

Rajiv Tawar
(Institut Pasteur, Paris)
Hosted by JF.Eléouët

3D structure of a nucleocapsid-like Nucleoprotein-RNA complex of Respiratory Syncytial Virus

22 October

Stefan Chilmonczyk

Immunophysiological specificities of Channichthyids (icefish)

15 October

François Trottein
(INSERM U547, Lille)
Hosted by I.Schwartz

Dendritic cell - Natural killer T cell interplays in immune responses during infection

1st October
Lecture Hall
Special VIM session

Violaine Massip

Zsolt Kelemen (VIM-FLU)

Role of ERK 1/2 signaling pathway during the lytic cycle of Pseudorabies virus
Fusion of influenza virus particles with liposomes

24 September

Michel Brémont
Hosted by S.Biacchesi

One more!

17 September

Philippe Tixador

Prion strains diversity and molecular basis: a comparative study based on physico-chemical approaches

10 September

Rosario Castro

Establishment of an IFNgamma specific reporter cell line in trout

3 September 2009
Lecture Hall
Special VIM session

Christophe Chevalier
Bernard Charley (VIM-VIAM)

Structural polymorphism of Influenza A virus PB1-F2 protein
Induction of type I IFN by BlueTongue virus (BTV)

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