Seminars 2011/2012

Seminars 2011/2012

Seminars 2011/2012




8 September 2011
Lecture Hall- 10.30
Special VIM session

Emilie Chauveau (Inra/Anses, Maisons Alfort)
Suzana Ruscanu (VIM-VIAM)

Bluetongue virus and interferon response

22 September

Zhou Xu
(VIM-MAP²/CEA Fontenay aux roses)
Viva rehearsal

Structure-activity relationships in Prion protein

29 September

Jonathan Wadsworth
(MRC Prion Unit, London)
Hosted by S. Cronier

Progress and difficulties in defining mammalian prion strains

6 October
Lecture Hall- 10.30
Special VIM session

Céline Urien
(VIM-VIAM, EPHE rehearsal)
Eloi Verrier (VIM-IIP)

Canine adenovirus used as a recombinant vaccine vector and its interactions with ovine lymphatic dendritic cells sub-populations
Genetic bases of resistance to viruses in rainbow trout

20 October

Pierre-Louis Hervé
(Institut Pasteur, Paris)
Hosted by S. Riffault

Evaluation of new vaccinal strategies against emergent H5N1 flu viruses.

3 November
Lecture Hall- 10.30
Special VIM session

Angella Nzonza
Paul Barbier (VIM-IIP)

Development of innovative immunisation strategy against zoonotic West Nile virus
Genomic Diversity within the genus Flavobacterium

10 November

Florian Marquet
Viva rehearsal

Phenotypic, functionnal and transcriptionnal characterization of dendritic cells in skin in the swine model

17 November

Virginie Doceul
Hosted by I. Schwartz

Repulsion of super-infecting virions: a mechanism for rapid virus spread

24 November

Benoît Schneider
(INSERM UMR747, Paris5)
Hosted by V. Béringue

Neuritogenesis: the cellular prion protein controls beta1 integrin signaling activity
Implications for prion diseases

1st December

INRA-IRBA workshop

8 December
Lecture Hall- 10.30
Special VIM session

Khalid Salamat
Viva rehearsal

Cellular and molecular mechanisms of prion replication

9 December
Lecture Hall- 10.30

Pierre Goloubinoff
(Faculté de biologie et médecine, Lausanne)
Hosted by H. Rezaei

The molecular mechanism of bacterial Hsp70 as an ATP-fuelled polypeptide unfolding enzyme

12 January

Jean-Michel Sallenave
(Institut Pasteur, Paris)
Hosted by R. Le Goffic

Influenza A induces the major secreted airway mucin MUC5AC in a protease-EGFR-ERK-Sp1 dependent pathway

19 January

Elisabetta Giuffra
(GABI, INRA Package)
Hosted by F.Lefèvre

Co-expression of host and viral microRNAs in porcine dendritic cells infected by the pseudorabies virus

26 January

Aude Remot (VIM-VIAM)

Olivier Leymarie (VIM-FLU)

Decoding virus-induced transcriptomes to understand and prevent infectious respiratory diseases such as bronchiolitis and Influenza

2 February
Lecture Hall - 10.30
Special VIM session

Florent Laferrière
Jamila Elhmouzi (VIM-VIAM)

Characterization of prion particles by ultracentrifugation: infectivity, neurotoxicity and in vitro replication potential
PhyloGenDC project: phylogenomics of vertebrate dentritic cells

9 February

Cristina Lorca
(CReSA, Barcelona)
Hosted by I. Schwartz

Bluetongue in wild ruminants: epidemiology, response to vaccination and infection

16 February

Elizabeth Loza-Rubio
(INIFAP, Toluca, Mexico)
Hosted by R. Le Goffic

Induction of a protective immune response to rabies in sheep after oral immunization with transgenic maize

8 March
Lecture Hall - 11am
Special VIM session

Vincent Béringue

Facilitated cross-species transmission of prions in extraneural tissue

15 March

No seminar

GISA workshop

22 March

Marie Galloux

Characterisation of a phosphoprotein binding site on RSV nucleocapsid: towards identification of antiviral targets

29 March

No seminar

XIVème Journées Francophones de Virologie

12 April

Davy Martin

Structural organisation of the rotavirus nonstructural protein NSP5

16 May
Lecture Hall - 10.30

Ilia Baskakov
(Univ. of Maryland, USA)
Hosted by H. Rezaei

Genesis of mammalian prions: from protein to disease

24 May
Lecture Hall - 10.30
Institute Seminar

Blaise Corthésy
(Hôpital orthopédique, Lausanne)
Hosted by I. Schwartz

Role of IgA in intestinal homeostasis

31 May

Hafsa Korri-Youssoufi
(ICMMO, Orsay)
Hosted by J. Vidic

Electrochemical biosensors for direct monitoring of various molecules: application to diagnostics and analyses

7 June
Lecture Hall - 11am

Nuno Palha
(Institut Pasteur, Paris)
Hosted by C. Langevin

Understanding viral infections at the organism level in Zebrafish

14 June

Florence Niedergang
(Institut Cochin, Paris)
Hosted by C. Langevin

New insights into antigen presentation to B cells: a role for dendritic cells

21 June

Yves Gaudin
(CNRS, Gif/Yvette)
Hosted by B. Delmas

Characterization of monomeric intermediates during rhabdovirus glycoprotein structural transition

28 June

Elisa Crisci
(CReSA, Barcelona)
Hosted by I. Schwartz

Virus-like particles: the new frontier of vaccines for animal viral infections

5 July
Lecture Hall - 10.30
Special VIM session

Christelle Langevin (VIM-IIP)
Sophie Halliez (VIM-MAP²)

Anti-viral properties of ubiquitin-like protein ISG15 are conserved among vertebrates
Organotypic cultures & Prions: Approaches developped in the lab


Sabrina Cronier, Ronan Le Goffic

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