Seminars 2010/2011

Seminars 2010/2011

Seminars 2010/2011




30 June
Lecture Hall
9.30am - 5pm

VIM, INRA Jouy-en-Josas
UMR Virologie, Maisons Alfort

Joint Workshop VIM-VIRO

28 June

Denis Archambaud
(Université du Québec, Montréal)
Hosted by B. Charley

Rev protein from bovine immunodeficiency virus: a very unusual protein

23 June

Aurore Vidy
(Max-von-Pettenkofer Institut, Ludwig Maximilians Universität, Munich)
Hosted by B. Delmas

Infection of endothelial cells in vivo by MHV-68 and dissemination of their viral production

9 June
Room 800
Special VIMsession

Christina Sizun & Marie-Lise Blondot (VIM-BMP)

Structural basis for the binding of RSV M2-1 protein to its partners

26 May

Michèle Bouloy
(Institut Pasteur, Paris)
Hosted by M. Brémont

Rift Valley fever virus: insights into molecular pathogenesis

12 May

Rémi Villenave
(Centre for Infection and Immunity, Belfast)
Hosted by S. Riffault

Modelling the human respiratory epithelium: a promising model to study respiratory viruses

28 April

Alexandre Benmerah
(Institut Cochin, Paris)
Hosted by C. Langevin

The ciliary pocket: a once-forgotten membrane domain at the base of cilia

31 March

Stéphane Paul
(CIE3, CHU St Etienne)
Hosted by S. Riffault

Targeting mucosa and associated lymphoid tissues for anti-HIV vaccination

24 March

Philippe Bastin
(Institut Pasteur, Paris)
Hosted by C. Langevin

The challenge of cilia and flagella assembly

17 March

Guiseppe Legname
(SISSA, Trieste, Italie)
Hosted by H. Rezaei


10 March

Mustapha Si-Tahar
(Institut Pasteur, Paris)
Hosted by R. Le Goffic

Innate immune response and Influenza virus

9 March (Wednesday)
Lecture Hall

Norihiro Okada
(Institute of Technology, Tokyo)
Hosted by I. Schwartz

Establishment of mammalian phylogeny using short interspersed repetitive elements

3 March
Lecture Hall
Special VIMsession

Katarina Grznarova
Angélique Egalon (VIM-MAP²)

Molecular relationships between Alzheimer's disease and Prion diseases: Purification of Abeta peptide
Assessment of amyloid peptide inactivation: update

10 February

Holcman David
(École normale supérieure)
Hosted by M. Galloux

Modeling the early steps of influenza infection in the cell cytoplasm

3 February
Lecture Hall
Special VIMsession

Sabine Riffault / Jean-François Eléouët (VIM-VIAM/BMP)
Eric Duchaud (VIM-IIP)

EMIDA / ANR projects 2010 :
Development and comparative evaluation of three new generation BRSV DIVA vaccines and a corresponding DIVA test (ANR EMIDA)
PathoFish Project (ERA-NET EMIDA / ANR)

27 January

Vincent Flacher
(Innsbruck Medical University, Autriche)
Hosted by N. Bertho

Langerhans cells and friends: the initiation of immune responses in the skin

13 January
Lecture Hall
Institute Seminar

Micheline Lagranderie et Gilles Marchal
(Institut Pasteur, Paris)
Hosted by I. Schwartz

Mycobacterium bovis Bacillus Calmette-Guérin killed by extended freeze-drying protects against asthma, colitis and atherosclerosis

6 January
Lecture Hall
Special VIM session

Sophie Halliez

Cerebellar slice cultures & Prion : set up and first results

16 December
Lecture Hall
Institute Seminar

Joaquin Castilla
(CIC BioGUNE, Bilbao, Espagne)
Hosted by V. Béringue

In vitro studies for evaluating prion transmission between species

25 November

Stéphane Frémont
(Institut Cochin, Paris)
Hosted by M.Galloux

De l'étude des phases tardives du cycle du VIH, à celle de "machineries" cellulaires

18 November

Sophie Mouillet-Richard
(INSERM UMR 747, Paris 5)
Hosted by V. Béringue

miR-16 targets the serotonin transporter: a new facet for adaptive responses to antidepressants

5 November

Claude Carnaud
(Hop. St Antoine, Paris)
Hosted by V.Béringue

Role of cellular immunity in anti-prion therapy

4 November
Lecture Hall
Special VIM session

Florent Laferrière (VIM-MAP²)
Marie-Laure Endale Ahanda

Characterisation of infectious PrP particles at sedimentation equilibrium
Study of non-coding RNA in the chicken

21 October
Lecture Hall
Institute Seminar

Jean-Claude Sirard
(Institut Pasteur, Lille)
Hosted by I. Schwartz

Respiratory and intestinal detection of flagellin by TLR5: impact on innate defenses and adjuvant effects

14 October

Daniela Tudor
(Institut Cochin)
Hosted by B. Charley

Role of mucosa IgA antibodies in protection against HIV

7 October
Lecture Hall
Special VIM session

Christelle Langevin (VIM-IIP)
Mariam Raliou (VIM-VIAM)

Prion transfer mechanims and nanotubes
Nsrs rings as antigen carriers: an anti-flu vaccine based on Nsrs-M2e fusion

30 September

Joan Torrent
(INSERM, Montpellier)
Hosted by H.Rezaei

Proteins under pressure: extreme conditions to penetrate protein folding mystery

16 September

Roger Legrand
(CEA, Fontenay aux Roses)
Hosted by I. Schwartz

Targeting dendritic cells for antiviral vaccination in macaques

2 September 2010
Lecture Hall
Special VIM session

Aude Remot

RSV infection in neonates: specificity of lung immune responses

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