Scientific projects

The team of fish molecular virology develops new vaccine strategies against viruses infecting farmed fish species (trout and salmon) and those infecting mammals including humans. The main areas of research are:
1- Design for the fish farming of live attenuated vaccines and virus vectors by directed engineering of the viral genomes by reverse genetics (Salmonid Alphavirus and Novirhabdovirus).
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2- Design of recombinant Novirhabdovirus as vaccine platforms for mammals (West Nile virus, Dengue virus, influenza virus…).
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3- Identification of virulence markers for fish viruses in order to develop fast and reliable molecular tools allowing diagnostic differentiation between virulent and non-virulent virus isolates and design live attenuated vaccines.
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4- Investigation of virus-host interactions (with a particular interest for viral proteins involved in inhibition of host innate immune responses).
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