Seminars 2008/2009

Seminars 2008/2009

Seminars 2008/2009




2 July 2009

Sabine Riffault /
Jean-François Eléouët

RSV nucleoprotein nanoparticles: a new vaccine against bronchiolitis and a vaccine vector targetin dendritic cells

25 June

Christophe Lemaire
(CNRS UMR8159, Versailles)
Hosted by J. Vidic

Role of the permeability transition pore complex (PTPC) in apoptotic communication between ER and mitochondria

18 June

Denis Gerlier
(CNRS, Lyon)
Hosted by M. Brémont

Host-Virus interaction: what can we learn from Measles virus?

11 June

Nicolas Bertho

Characterisation of dendritic cell sub-populations in pig skin and lymph

4 June 
Lecture Hall
Institute Seminar

Elena Tomasello
(CIML, Marseille)
Hosted by I. Schwartz

NK and NK-like cells in skin and intestinal mucosa

28 May 
Lecture Hall
Institute Seminar

Guus F. Rimmelzwaan
(Erasmus Med. Center, NL)
Hosted by B. Riteau

Annual flu-shot prevents the induction of protective immunity against influenza A/H5N1 virus

14 May

Eric Duchaud

Bacteria of Flavobacterium genus: virulence and host adaptation mechanisms, and evolutive dynamics

7 May

Isabelle Couillin
(CNRS, Orléans)
Hosted by I. Schwartz

Role of inflammasome and danger signals in lung inflammation

30 April 
Lecture Hall

Olivier Lantz
(Institut Curie, Paris)
Hosted by B. Riteau

Characterization and development of the mucosal associated invariant T cells, a highly abundant subset in human and cattle

9 April

Stéphanie Ferret-Bernard
(IASP, Nouzilly)
Hosted by B. Charley

Response to Toll-like receptors ligands: specificity of small ruminant neonates

2 April

Frederic Eghiaian
(NIMR, Mill Hill, UK)
Hosted by J.F. Eleouet

Biophysical studies of Influenza virus: organisation and dynamics of the viral envelope

26 March

Eric Tartour
(EA 4054, Univ. Paris Descartes-ENV Maisons-Alfort)
Hosted by S. Riffault

Use of Shiga toxin B sub-unit as a vaccine vector

19 March

Marie Galloux
(INSERM, I. Cochin, Paris)
Hosted by J.-F. Eléouet

Botulic toxin translocation domain mechanism of action and interaction with the membrane

12 March

Cinzia Nobile
(Institut Curie, Paris)
Hosted by J.F. Eléouet

DC/ T cell cross-talk : how CD4+ T cells activate dendritic cells?

5 March

Slavica Jonic
(UPMC, Paris)
Hosted by J.Vidic

Electron cryomicroscopy of macromolecular assemblies by high resolution tridimensional transmission – Structural flexibility

12 February

Gaelle Kuntz
(AFSSA, Ploufragan)
Hosted by I. Schwartz

Swine flu viruses

5 February

Frédéric Martinon
(CEA, Fontenay aux roses)
Hosted by N. Bertho

SIV vaccination in macaques

22 January

Stéphane Basmaciogullari
(Institut Cochin, Paris)

HIV-1 Nef protein and its impact on viral particles infectivity

15 January

Carmelo di Primo
(INSERM U869, Bordeaux)

Analysis of RNA-RNA and RNA-protein interactions by surface plasmon resonance: Aptamer-HIV1 TAR complexes and RNAI-RNAII-Rop from E. coli

8 January

Annalisa Pastore
(King's College, London)
Hosted by H. Rezaei

Polyglutamine and aggregation

18 December

Maria Forenza
(Wageningen, NL)

Carp Cytokines

4 December

Mabel Thoulouse
(Institut Pasteur, Paris)

Polarisation of T lymphocytes and immune synapse: Hijack by retroviruses

27 November

Ronan Le Goffic

Host response to Influenza infection: Impact of PB1-F2 protein

13 November

Pierre Sibille
(INRA, Tours)

New tools for identification and study of dendritic cells in the chicken

5 November

Jean-François Chich

Chromogranins, a source of antimicrobial and immunoregulatory neuropeptides

23 October

Yolande Richard
(CEA, Fontenay aux roses)

Interaction of HIV and SIV with B lymphocytes

16 October

Sabrina Cronier

Detection and characterisation of PK-sensitive disease-related prion protein with thermolysin: Application to strain typing

9 October

Naima Cortes-Perez

Interaction between Pseudorabies virus and cells of the immune system : the kiss of death?

2 October

Xavier Roucou
(Sherbrooke Univ., Canada)
Hosted by H. Laude

A new ribonucleoprotein particle induced by Prion protein

25 September

Mathieu Epardaud
(CIRAD, Montpellier)

Circumventing immune evasion by solid tumors through the activation of lesional CD8+ T cells ou l'IL-15 cheval de Troie

18 September 2008

Albert Bensaid
(CRESA, Barcelona)
Hosted by I. Schwartz

Comparative genomics and immunome of Haemophilus parasuis strains

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