News & Events

News & Events


   In collaboration with the MIMA2 imaging plateform, we had the opportunity to test the new MEG FEB microscope on juvenil zebrafish. This system allowed amazing images acquisitions without tedious tissue preparation! 


   We will contribute to the CNRS training session «Clarification pour l’imagerie tridimensionnelle d’objets biologiques complexes», that will take place in Paris from 25/06/19 to 28/06/19.

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MiFoBio 2018

   During MiFoBio2018, we presented a workshop entitled "Real time acquisition of inflammation and regeneration processes on zebrafish models using two-photon microscopy and second harmonic generation". Thanks to all the participants who have been trained for samples preparation and imaging on the DIVE system from LEICA.


Optical projection tomography of rainbow trout


   Rainbow trout (4g) was cleared using iDISCO+ procedure before whole specimen acquisition using OPenT developped by Gabriel Martins. This is particularly adpated for large samples imaged which low magnification lenses (<4x). The trout (5cm long, 1cm large) was illuminated with one channel fluorescence emission mode (blue [LED] incident light & green fluorescence detected by the camera).


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