Protein purification

Protein Purification by Chromatography

This platform aims at purifying proteins from biological samples or recombinant proteins expressed in different systems.

PIC: Mohammed Moudjou

The platform develops extraction and separation methods using low pressure chromatography to purify proteins of interest from different teams of the VIM unit.

The platform can also characterise purified proteins: composition, yield, purity (by electrophoresis).

The platform is equipped with the Äkta-Purifier 100 FPLC (Fast Protein Liquid Chromatography) from GE healthcare.



Main purification techniques used:

- Tagged proteins affinity (histidine tag, GST-tag)
- Protein-A or protein-G affinity (for immunoglobulins)
- Ion exchange (cations and anions)
- Gel filtration or size exclusion
- Hydrophobic interaction
- Reverse-phase chromatography (C8)

The platform is open to all members of the VIM unit.

The protein purification platform is run by:
Head: Mohammed Moudjou (IR)
Charles-Adrien Richard (IE), since February 2011
Julie Bernard (TR, part-time)

The laboratory is located in room 831 (R+1 level), extension 31 52.


Mohammed Moudjou
mohammed.moudjou [at]
tel : 01 34 65 26 42

Charles-Adrien Richard
charles-adrien.richard [at]
tel : 01 34 65 26 41

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