Fish Infection and Immunity Team

Fish Infection and Immunity Team

   The Fish Infection and Immunity team comes from the Ichthyopathology laboratory founded by Pierre de Kinkelin, who developed research on viruses, bacteria and parasites causing disease in farmed fish in the 1970s.   

   The approaches of the Fish Infection and Immunity team are aimed at understanding the biological mechanisms generated by infectious agents (viruses and bacteria) in fish. They are located at the cellular, molecular and genetic levels and range from the description of pathogens to the characterization of the host reaction, to identify new ways of soliciting specific and non-specific defenses in vertebrates. The team's research focuses on the mechanisms of antiviral response in rainbow trout and zebrafish, and the basics of virulence and adaptation of Flavobacteria, particularly through high throughput approaches (genomics). , transcriptomics, sequencing of immune repertoires ...).



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