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13/01/11 Micheline Lagranderie and Gilles Marchal (Institut Pasteur, Paris)

Micheline Lagranderie and Gilles Marchal (Institut Pasteur, Paris)

12 January 2011

INRA Jouy-en-Josas

"Mycobacterium bovis Bacillus Calmette-Guérin killed by extended freeze-drying protects against asthma, colitis and atherosclerosis"

Gilles Marchal (Professor at Institut Pasteur, Paris) and Micheline Lagranderie (engineer, Institut Pasteur, Paris)


Asthma is a highly prevalent and serious health problem. In a murine experimental model of asthma, Gilles Marchal and Micheline Lagranderie from the Institut Pasteur (Paris) studied the curative effect of BCG inactivated by freeze drying (EFD).

After EFD-treatment, the parameters of asthma (airways eosinophilia and inflammation, bronchial hyperreactivity) were reduced. They further showed that EFD-BCG induced plasmacytoid dendritic cells recruitment leading to the production of IL10 regulatory T lymphocytes. EFD-BCG  administered in mice was also effective against gut inflammation and atherosclerosis.

This work illustrates the immunomodulatory effects of bacterial structures that remain to be discovered.

Recent Publications:

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