24/05/12 Blaise Corthésy (Hôpital orthopédique, Lausanne, Switzerland)

Blaise Corthésy (Immunology and Allergies Division, Hôpital orthopédique, Lausanne, Switzerland)

23 May 2012

Institute Seminar - INRA Jouy-en-Josas

"Role of IgA in intestinal homeostasis"

On Thursday 24 May, 10.30am, Lecture Hall of J.Poly building (440), Dr Blaise Corthésy (Immunology and Allergies Division, Hôpital orthopédique, Lausanne, Switzerland), hosted by Isabelle Schwartz-Cornil, will give an Institute seminar focused on the role of IgA in intestinal homeostasis.

Mucosal host defense against pathogens is mainly controlled by a specific type of immunoglobulins, called IgA. Secretory IgAs from mucosal surfaces act by complexing pathogens (virus, bacteria, parasites) through the so-called "immune exclusion" mechanism, leading to their subsequent elimination.

Recent findings from Dr Blaise Corthésy's laboratory in Lausanne further extend the role of IgAs to intestinal mucosa homeostasis, through subtle and complex interactions with commensal flora, epithelial and dendritic cells.

This work enables a better understanding of host/microbiota interactions and of host defense mechanisms against pathogens entering through mucosa, and has a direct impact on the development of immunisation strategies.

To learn more: https://applicationspub.unil.ch/interpub/noauth/php/Un/UnPers.php?PerNum=3228&LanCode=8&menu=coord

Recent publications:

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Contact: isabelle.schwartz@jouy.inra.fr

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